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Efficient lighting solutions are our passion, generating renewable electricity is our passion, and sustainably reducing your electricity consumption is our drive!

Added value = more value!

Complete solutions from a single source, including assembly and maintenance - that is our added value.

LED solutions

Efficient lighting with instaLED for industry, trade and municipalities! High-tech for tough day-to-day operations in the commercial sector.


Light manufactory

Individual production of lighting solutions according to your requirements. From simple special sizes to lighting design.


instaSOL photovoltaic systems designed for self-generation for industrial applications. With and without storage.



On request, you can of course not only get products from us, but the complete solution from us or our partners.

LED pays off


Up to 80% less electricity costs

Compared to conventional lighting or illuminants, the efficiency of LEDs is much higher. This allows you to reduce your electricity costs by up to 80% in the same light.


Less maintenance work

Tests and practical experience have shown that the chips last over 50.000 hours. With a fluorescent tube with 20.000 hours, that's more than twice the life expectancy. This reduces the maintenance effort immensely.


Better and brighter light

The efficiency of the LED chips compared to conventional lamps is much higher. Over 190 lumens per watt are already possible today. For you, this means that you get a lot more light with lower power consumption.


Up to 80% less CO² emissions

Every kilowatt hour consumed generates up to 500g of CO² that is released into the environment. The reduction in consumption therefore results in a very high saving of CO².

0Percent less consumption
0Percent less CO² emissions
0Lumen per watt LED efficiency
0Hours of life expectancy

0€ Electricity costs for lighting?

Sounds crazy? No, the technology exists. You just have to bring together what belongs together. We generate electricity with light and light again from this electricity. 

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With our LED solutions, we first reduce the consumption of your old lighting by up to 70%. You also get better light.