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LED amortization calculator

Our amortization calculator immediately gives you the corresponding values ​​every time a field is changed. The preset values ​​relate to the exchange of a grid ceiling light for an LED panel with 25W.

Number of old lights *Enter the power of your installed lights / lamps here. For example, a louvre built-in luminaire usually has 72W plus 2 x 30W ballasts due to the tubes
Consumption of old lamp in watts *As a guide, a 150cm tube in T8 (the thicker ones) has 58W, a 144cm tube in T5 (the thinner) has either 48W as HE or 80W as HO, a 60cm tube in T8 has 18W. A grid lamp usually has 4 tubes this corresponds to 72W per lamp. The HQL lamps of hall downlights have 250-400W.
Consumption of old ballast *Conventional lights require ballasts for the light sources. For light strips with starters, 1 ballast with 15W per tube is calculated. For light strips without a starter with 5W per tube. The same applies to louvre recessed luminaires, here the ballast (s) usually devours 30W. With hall downlights you can expect an average of 50W for the ballast.
Burning time per day in hours *How many hours a day are the lights on? Remember that your employees are usually there before they actually start work and often leave later.
Life expectancy in hours *Please enter the life expectancy specified by the manufacturer here. WATCH OUT!!! Not every luminaire or lamp has the same life expectancy. Industrial lights with a lot of cooling usually have a much longer life expectancy than commercial products. Good thermal management is often foregone for reasons of cost.
Number of new LED lights *Since LEDs are brighter than conventional lights, the number of lights can often be reduced by reducing the number of lights. In this way, you can save even more electricity with the same light.
LED consumption in watts * *As a rough guide, you can estimate about 1/3 of the consumption of your installed lights. Our LED panel has 25W as HE version and 40W as HO version. LED hall downlights are available in the versions 100W / 150W / 200W / 250W / 300W. To compare light strips, use the number of tubes that are installed. A 150cm T8 tube has 58W, a 144cm T5 tube has 48W in the HE version and 80W in the HO version. LED tubes are available in 25W and 30W. Our LED light carrier can be switched in 10W steps from 25-72W.
Your electricity price in euro cents *Please enter your electricity price including taxes such as EEG, electricity tax, etc. The electricity price in industry is currently around € 22 cents.
Burn time days per year *How many days a year are the lights on? We assume 365 days minus 104 days at weekends.
New LED costs in € *Industrial quality LED panels are between € 60 and € 80 per piece. Light inserts start at around € 80 each and hall downlights start at € 180. However, you can enter any price you want.

Connection oldThis value corresponds to the connected load of your old lighting.
kW 0,00
Connection new This value corresponds to the connected load of modern LED lighting.
kW 0,00
Reduction old / newThis value corresponds to the connection value after conversion to LED
kW 0,00
Consumption oldThis value corresponds to the annual consumption of your old lighting.
kWh 0,00
Consumption new This value corresponds to the consumption of modern LED lighting.
kWh 0,00
Reduction old / newThis value corresponds to the consumption after conversion to LED per year.
kWh 0,00
consumed lifetimeSo much theoretical lifetime was used up from the LED lighting to the amortization.
hours 0
remaining lifetimeAccording to the manufacturer, that much theoretical lifetime would still remain with your LED lighting after amortization.
hours 0
CO² savingsThis is how many tons of CO² emissions your LED lighting would save each year.
t 0,0
Electricity costs oldThese electricity costs are caused each year by your lighting.
Electricity costs newThese electricity costs are caused each year by LED lighting.
Saving old / newThat is how high the annual savings from an LED upgrade would be
AmortizationWithin this time, your investment pays for itself purely through the saved electricity costs. Simplified maintenance, fewer failures, etc. are not taken into account here.
Mon. 0

All values ​​relate to consumption / savings per year and represent forecasts based on empirical values. Of course, we will also come to you for a detailed inventory and create your individual amortization calculation on this basis.