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Warranty conditions


Relatio TM GmbH, Stocken 4, 72336 Balingen guarantees that the LED products supplied are free from material or manufacturing defects. This guarantee declaration represents an independent service of relatio and does not replace the obligation of relatio for product defects that may arise from the law or the contract, in particular the legal rights of the customer from his contract with relatio.

This guarantee applies to the period specified in the product (guarantee period) from the date of purchase by the first customer (invoice date of relatio) and ends at the latest 66 months after the date of manufacture of the product. The guarantee period is not extended due to the provision of services under this guarantee, especially not for repairs or replacements. In this case, the guarantee period does not start again. The prerequisite for the effectiveness of this guarantee is professional installation according to the respective installation / assembly instructions; compliance with the electrical requirements noted on the relatio lighting products; the intended use of the products and the use of the product within the application and environment specified by relatio (e.g. temperature and humidity) of the product. Limit values ​​for temperatures (especially when installed in luminaires) and voltages must not be exceeded.

Luminaires and illuminants naturally show a loss of luminosity over the period of use, which depends decisively on the environmental conditions and the operating times. Information on service life and light retention in all documentation on relatio LEDs corresponds to at least L80B20 according to DIN IEC/PAS 62 717. A defect that has been proven to have occurred due to a material or production defect during the guarantee period and is above the nominal failure rate of 0,5% per 1000 operating hours or a loss of luminosity of more than 0,75% per 1000 hours of operation must be reported in writing within 4 weeks of becoming known to relatio. After notification of the defect, the customer immediately receives information on how to deal with the product that is defective from the customer's point of view.

relatio reserves the right to decide on the eligibility of the warranty claim and, if necessary. the defect should not be due to material or manufacturing defects. The examination may require a return of faulty products for error and cause analysis (including the sending of a copy of the delivery note, the invoice and the guarantee certificate). If a guarantee claim is confirmed, relatio will, at its own discretion, provide a free replacement of the defective product that corresponds to the current market value (subsequent delivery), remedy the defects by repairing it at its own expense (repair) or compensate the end customer for the current market value of the defective product (subsequent payment). The exchanged products become the property of relatio.

Due to technical progress and the usage-related change in the luminous flux of products, there may be deviations in the light properties compared to the original products in subsequent deliveries of LED light sources. If a product defect is not covered by this guarantee, the costs incurred by shipping and transporting the product must be borne by the customer. In addition, the consumer is responsible for the costs, including any labor costs, associated with the inspection of the product, and any costs associated with the removal and reinstallation of the product.

The guarantee does not extend to:

The guarantee does not extend to:

  • Defects caused by force majeure such as lightning or other external influences such as vandalism
  • Wear parts, eg seals, due to wear
  • fragile parts, such as glass, due to breakage
  • Consumables, such as batteries, by consumption
  • slight deviations of the products from the target quality, which have no influence on the use value of the product
  • Defects that can be traced back to non-observance of the assembly instructions and assembly instructions (improper assembly or commissioning) or that result from improper or improper use, e.g. insufficient ventilation, lack of protection against environmental conditions, damage from sea corrosion, saline air or polluted gases like ammonia, etc.
  • Defects that are due to the system in which the relatio products are installed
  • Defects caused by transport, own repair attempts, trial operation, undervoltage or overvoltage, including current fluctuations, excessive switching cycles and operating times or ambient temperatures that are not suitable for the products, excessive stress or use in unsuitable luminaires
  • Failures below the nominal failure rate of 0,5% and a decrease in luminous flux of less than 0,75%, each per 1000 operating hours
  • Defects that are not reported to relatio in writing within the 4-week period
  • Product that can no longer be clearly identified based on the serial / batch number, regardless of whether the end customer is responsible for it or not
  • Damage caused or caused by the defective product itself or any liability that goes beyond the original selling price of the product
  • other circumstances that are beyond the responsibility and controllability of relatio
  • Products for which there is no relatio guarantee certificate issued at the request of relatio.

09. February 2015