Generating electricity from sunlight makes sense - using this electricity for yourself a lot more. With instaSOL Photovoltaic systems you reduce your electricity costs and keep the electricity price stable.

0€ Electricity costs for lighting?

Sounds crazy? No, the technology exists. You just have to bring together what belongs together. We generate electricity with light and light again from this electricity.

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With our LED solutions, we first reduce the consumption of your old lighting by up to 70%. You also get better light.

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You produce the missing 30% yourself with a solar system. Due to the direct consumption you do not need any storage.


We have been active in photovoltaics since 2004 and instaSOL PV systems from relatio are installed hundreds of times across Germany on all types of roofs. But we also planned and implemented some of europes largest power plants at the time of construction. Today we focus on the concerns of industry, trade and municipalities. The electricity generated by our systems is used directly and without detours, even without storage, by our customers, and excess electricity is fed into the grid and remunerated. In this way you not only save CO², but also receive electricity at a fixed, calculable cost.

pv module

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Solar modules are about more than just technical performance. When systems run for over 20 years, the durability of the manufacturer is an important point. Without stability, the guarantees are of no value. We rely on the quality of the most well-known manufacturers from Europe and China and offer all available technologies. Regardless of whether polycrystalline or monocrystalline - we offer a wide range in the most varied price and performance classes.

pv inverter

We also rely on German market leaders in the field of inverters, because nothing is more important than customer proximity. For us, SMA offers everything you need in the field of PV inverters. We offer robust quality with high efficiencies and a long service life. Our specialty is self-consumption with excess feed in the industrial environment. Here we find the most suitable solution for every requirement.

PV inverters made in Germany

power storage

PV solar power storage

Sustainably generated solar power is an important contribution to climate protection. As an entrepreneur, you can contribute to this while at the same time significantly reducing your electricity costs. Peak loads are particularly stressful for small and medium-sized companies, supermarkets, hotels or agricultural businesses. With energy storage, you can easily use your own electricity from the storage in times of electricity.


Support frames are more than just a substructure. Ultimately, the installation of a PV system has a significant influence on the statics of your building. The system is exposed to wind and weather and usually has to bear high snow loads. Quality matters here. Our support frames come from German production by K2 Systems and are tailored by us to the statics and design of your roof. We offer the right solution for every type of roof and covering. No matter whether brick, corrugated fiber cement, trapezoidal sheet metal or sheet metal rebate, we have the right system for every structural situation.

Pitched roof mounting systems

flat roof

K2 mounting systems for flat roofs are suitable for many surfaces such as concrete, bitumen, foils, green roofs, gravel or trapezoidal sheet metal. Both one-sided and double-sided elevations are possible. The elevation angles range from 10 - 45 °. East / west elevations are also possible with the dome system

Pitched roof mounting systems

tile roof

K2 mounting systems for tile coverings offer solutions for almost all types of roof tiles. The majority of applications are covered with three different roof hooks. The range of roof hooks offers solutions for pan tiles, plain tiles, monks and nuns, slate roofing, concrete roof tiles and regional specialties such as Coppo.

Pitched roof mounting systems

tin roof

Trapezoidal sheet metal roofs without fixation in the substructure are fastened in the raised beads with self-drilling sheet metal screws. Elevations are possible because they can be mounted on mounting rails or on multirails. Flexible elevation angles of 10-45 ° are possible. Of course, we also offer systems for sheet metal roofing or corrugated fiber cement roofing.

Photovoltaic cathedral mounting systems


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We see ourselves as a full-service provider in the field of photovoltaics. That means we do not deliver individual components. Our assembly accompanies you until your system feeds in successfully. We will prepare the necessary documents for the network inquiry up to the completion notification. Here we also work with many regional electricians who implement the connection to the grid for us.

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0Lumen PRO WATT LED efficiency
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